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written on April 16, 2013 by Patch


Well, it isn’t reinventing the wheel?  But Jacopo’s bootleg utilizing the little clip of “Get Lucky” that premiered during SNL, of which there was a slightly longer version played at Coachella, is a pretty strong showing as far as straight forward bootlegs go.  The “no bells or whistles” approach leaves you with a track that can keep a dancefloor moving without them saying “Is this a bootleg?” given that it doesn’t divert much from the source material.

Which is right here…

I absolutely CANNOT WAIT.  I thought Tron was pretty cool, and I liked the last studio album ok, but this?   This looks to be some serious serious awesomeness!  I remember hanging out with Pharrell around the time he was doing his “Harder Better Faster Stronger” remix (and his remix of “Don’t Be Light” by Air) and said “You should like actually work with them”… therefore I will take ALL credit for this, “Hypnotize U”, and anything else good that comes from this pairing lol j/k.

In case you don’t remember the duo working with P before:

Here’s the boot with FREE DOWNLOAD!

What do you think?   Looking forward to the Daft Punk album?  Any other boots you’d recommend (without being a self promoting prat lol)?  Look forward to hearing what you think!


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