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written on April 20, 2012 by admin

Aw yeah, back in town for a minute – just wrapped up the Red Bull JFR tour with buddy DJ Zebo. Some of the pics are on the site in the gallery section, but more are coming. We donned giant squirrel heads, played “Rack City” more times than I can count (yes, I fucking love that song), and stopped at some insane Midwestern roadside attractions, including the world’s largest truck stop. So long, JFR, and thanks for all the fish. In other news, now that I’m back at home it’s down to bizness – the “Diplo Hates You” video is still plugging away at full steam and got an inquiry to be featured on MTV Iggy, I have a new project that will be announced soon, and I’m doing a collaboration with The Dirty Tees (I still can’t get over that voice)!

Not only do I get to tell you guys the good news above, but I get to deliver some SLAMMING tunes this week including a freebie from, wait for it….Bassnectar. Imagine old school hip hop meeting grime meeting irreverent vocals meeting a touch of drumstep and you have the Bassnectar mix of  RUN DMT‘s “Sugarcube.” Get your sugar high below.

Let’s keep riding the drumstep train with Kroktopus’ remix of Datsik’s “Fully Blown.” Kroktopus has sent over some bangers in the past and this might be my favorite so far. I might even like this better than the original…? With twisted bleeps acting as drum fills and a stompy, grinding drive as the underbelly for the remix, this is one production that should be stuck on a loop in your iTunes. The best part might just be the second break and buildup, a two-parter that teases out the vocal.

There was a remix contest for Lucky Date’s “Mr. Right Now” and for whatever reason, the winning song never saw the light of day…until now. BioBlitZ decided to make his mix available for free download and we’re glad he did. Stompy electro that’s Wolfgang Gartner-ish makes this a solid re-work that will have you singing “I just need you you you you” all day long.

Pickster One describes his moombah mix of Riton’s “Dark Place” perfectly – it’s a dark, late night, the after party is not gonna end, who has drugs kind of refix. The mastering is a bit bothersome – there’s a hollowness in the drums that sounds metallic, but I really dig the idea behind the remix – this song just works as dark-ass moombah.




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