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written on September 19, 2013 by Samroc


Top O’ the inbox to you, Dsquared, we have some…undiscovered self-produced indie music for you today? Yep, I’m taking a break from writing up twerk shit for half a minute because we got a touching email to Dani this morning from one of our readers with this pretty cool song included; I normally don’t go checking for new indie or nothing but I really enjoyed this song. This is self-produced apparently! Belgian Fog is the one-man project of Robert Dale, a worker at KEXP in Seattle, and this seems to be a fully self-performed track perhaps home produced and then mixed by a second set of ears. The song is great, the melodies are pleasing, dudes’ voice is great and sounds quite comfortable in high ranges; the topic is the ever relevant matter of love; I think my only qualm with it is I can hear some clipping in the vocals as they swell during the chorus, likely something caused by too hot of a recording level in the bathroom booth or wherever this went down. But that’s not much of an issue when you have a song as good as this; this was most definitely worth the morning coffee time/subsequent relistens it took to write this up. – $amroc

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