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written on June 8, 2010 by admin

The Lolla Remix Throwdown is in full swing and it’s awesome to see so many dsquared contributors in there! PeaceTreaty, The 2000, Glasnost, The Sonixx, Dan Sena, Mr. Vega, Kids At The Bar, Religion, GMGN, DJ Kue, Midnight Conspiracy and way more all all in the running! Remember producers, a portion of semi-finalists are decided by votes, and a portion by judges picks, so everyone has a chance, no matter how late you enter! If you want to vote or enter, CHECK THE CONTEST HERE. Fellow website Laptop Rockers, which has supported dsquared, is also having a contest for Denis A!

Also, couple of notes. My new website will be launching end of this week or early next week…so if you come back then and it looks COMPLETELY different, have no fear! It will all be the same content, but tightened up, better design and finally, all my DJ stuff will be on the same site :-) Lastly, my new interview series launched on web magazine ChinaShop! It’s a series called “A Few of My Favorite Things” and each piece profiles an artist talking about favorite people/places/things in their hometown and then photographing themselves with each thing described. First up is Reid Speed for LA and in a couple weeks it’s Jen Lasher for Baltimore! READ IT HERE.

Acid Washed is back! Well, sort of. Jungle Fiction has a remix of Acid Washed, who was on here not too long ago with a wonderful remix of Kelis’ “Acapella”. Elements of disco house flutter throughout this remix (stabs, filtered swooshes) while still maintaining an electro vibe. I have to say, some of the programming sounds elementary¬† – too many things are constantly layered versus letting sounds play off each other. There are also a couple sounds (one stab in particular) that’s obviously entirely too loud for the mix, but all things considered it’s a pretty well put together tune.

Acid Washed: Acid Washed (Jungle Fiction Remix)

I’m really loving Vindata lately – his remixes kill when I play them out. This remix of Band of Skulls’ “Fires” is no different. He’s got those synths on lock and consistently has some nice touches going on with how he uses space. There’s a great wide spread with many of the main elements and hard pans with supplemental elements that give a lot of depth overall to the remix. The snare is a touch too hot for my taste but I think it’s subjective.

Band Of Skulls: Fires (Vindata Remix)

Chris from Cold Blank has a new alias – Fifth Column V – which he is using for a more tech/progressive sound. The first boot under the name is of the Black Eyed Peas’ “Rock That Body” and to me, it sounds like an electro guy making a tech/progressive tune. That’s not a diss in the slightest – I just mean there are tells in the tune that allude to his Cold Blank side, and actually, that’s probably a good thing. Shuffled drums that have a sharpness to them parry with a dreamy, proggy mainline throughout and the two sides almost seem not to match, but as it goes on, I buy it. Additional synths later on after the second break help to pull the whole sound together.

Black Eyed Peas: Rock That Body (Fifth Column V Remix)

Interesting – the Bloody Beetroots’ “Warp” with some Afrojack drums underneath. Pretty self-explanatory. It took me a couple listens to get into it but now I’m thinking…this could really kill. ReepR does it yet again.

The Bloody Beetroots vs. Afrojack: Warp This (ReepR Bootleg)

Bunch of tracks from Jon Kennedy! Attacking them one at a time. First, we have the easiest mashup ever (I’m guessing). It’s a Chuckie remix with…a Chuckie remix. Not very challenging, but fun and definitely good for the crowds. The other two remixes follow a similar Dutch mentality – riding cymbals, punchy kicks and sliding synths. The Usher remix is a touch more big room with tons of reverb while the Guetta remix has an interesting progression that almost builds into a completely different tune.

Chuckie vs. Chuckie: Eyez On You vs. In The House (JK Mashup)

David Guetta feat. Novel: Missing You (Jon Kennedy’s Bootleg Remix)

Usher feat. Will.I.Am: OMG (Jon Kennedy’s Brooklyn Fire Bootleg)

Dan Sena sent over this tune which was just released on Reid Speed’s label (so go buy it!) and while I don’t have the extended version to share, I do have this radio edit. He admits it’s a different sound than what he is normally known for, and I agree. Intentional dissonance in the beginning gives way to an interesting panned synth that is so singular in sound, not much else is needed throughout. There’s a real chunkiness and rough around the edges quality that’s easy to get drawn to. Breakdowns that add a touch of drifting melody are a nice diversion that effortlessly build back up. When everything lands a little after 3:00, it’s pretty damn sweet.

Dan Sena: Bring Down The House (Radio Edit)

I’ve always been a big fan of the classic “Sandwiches” and this hilarious re-touch by Dillon Francis is worth playing – over and over. Dirt Nasty lends new vocals to play off the originals that fit perfectly and are very NSFW so beware when you’re playing this out (or listening at the office). Frankly, it wouldn’t be nearly as successful if the vocals were held back on at all – it winds up being a fun indulgence rather than something to roll your eyes at. A simply produced track underneath is the perfect tie.

Dillon Francis: Sandwiches feat. Dirt Nasty (Ode To the Pubahs)

Beatport is having a remix contest right now for Kaskade’s Dynasty (they’re in the voting phase now so you can go check out the submissions) and here’s a couple that are in the running. Kue needs no introduction and has a remix that is more subtle than most of his other submissions and incorporates electro-ish elements while still making them sound gentle. FareOh‘s take is completely different, peppered by noisy riding hats and a buzzy synth with a kicking swing on it. Two totally opposite sounds for the same original song.

Kaskade feat. Haley: Dynasty (DJ Kue Remix)

Kaskade feat. Haley: Dynasty (FareOh Remix)

Bonus tracks:

Nue Pourn: Back to Basics (Tactic Dub)

Paul Oakenfold: Southern Sun (Azati & Big Al Mix)

AEONS: Beyond The Satellites (Frames Vox Mix)

AEONS: Where The Sky Meets The Sea

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