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written on March 6, 2015 by admin

I waffled a lot on if I should post this or not. Every time I listen in headphones, I’m totally chuffed – it bangs and I think about playing it out live. But then when I listen with my poor dinky laptop speakers (which is always one of the tests for a great song), the vocal gets absolutely swallowed up by the low end…which is massive. Obviously I ultimately decided to post it (duh), and yes, I do recommend you take a peep in headphones. What the track lacks in proper mixdown, it makes up for in simple hooks. This remix is damn catchy, after all, and that I can’t ignore. Get the free download HERE.

written on March 5, 2015 by Myriah Turner

Babes, oh wait you call them The Chainsmokers, teamed up with Great Good Fine Okay and created Let You Go. Its a big room lullaby for your dancing shoes with the boys dressing it up in their finest progressive and throwing it into the world with Great Good Fine Okay’s stellar vocals and wicked style. We’ve got one helluva track, don’t wait for the summer and all those festivals you’re planing on shout-singing this at, do it now.
I dare you.

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