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written on October 25, 2014 by admin

Ok, so the second installment of Weekend Roundup is going to be a bit more, um, not as emo as yesterday’s. Crizzly sets the tone with freebie “Certified Gz,” a trap song that follows a lot of traditional elements, but does them really well. The second drop gives us the Crizzly grittiness we all expect. HeRobust ventures outside his comfort zone with “Party McFly,” a twerk song that has the oh so clever hook of ‘take that ass back to the future.’ Moving to Vice and Justyle, we have a remix of Golden Coast’s “Dream And An MPC” that straddles between trap and Jersey club, with squeaky upper range vocals, double time drums and uplifting builds that drop into big, open chords. Lastly, we move to more electro territory with 3LAU’s edit of Paris & Simo’s “Zombie” and the Bottai remix of Otto Knows’ “Parachute.”

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Download HERE

written on by admin

Cazzette’s “Sleepless” is a restrained, sparse song, that actually sounds like the soundtrack to an insomniac ridden night with the mind wandering back and forth. Graves takes it in a whole new direction by adding much wubs, many screech. I’m not normally one for dubstep, but he does a great job of keeping the melodic integrity of the song and not relying too much on bass for the sake of bass. There’s no info on download or availability so all we can do is cross our fingers.