written on April 15, 2014 by Myriah Turner

Louis Futon, these two kids from Philly who like to bump, are going to have you doin’ just that with this gnarly remix of Logic’s tune featuring Jhene Aiko. Its so vibey. The constant stream of beats paired with quick raps and Jhene’s kind of dreamy lick is perfection. You’re not only going to want, but seriously need this on your playlists.


written on April 14, 2014 by Myriah Turner

Young Franco with a tropical ghost story of a remix! Aussie infused Aussie times while Young Franco has a play date with down under’s SAFIA. The original, here, is lovely and beachy and makes you want to kiss people in the sand and roll a J and stare off into the waves. But then Young Franco zaps it with an electronic breeze and makes the vocals this sort of distance pulsating siren call that gets you bouncin’ and feelin’ so good. The remix is up for grabs and you’re an absolute sketch if you aren’t loving the percussion and pace of this Young Franco remix. Grab and Go. Feel it. Feel better. Feel right.