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written on September 23, 2014 by admin

The weather might be cooling down soon, but Carmada’s “Maybe” is heating things back up; “Maybe” is one beat heavin’ incredible first taster of what’s to come – with L D R U and Yahtzel renowned for their juicy jungle infused vibes, this one can be dubbed the ultimate tropic thunder. The duo has dubbed their style ‘trapical’ – ugh, we love it. It takes summer feels to the next level. There’s no other way to put it: if you want the drop, you can have it. Grab it HERE.

written on by gmoney

If you are from New Orleans or anywhere probably within a 2 hours drive if not more you are probably familiar with the name/club Escapades. I’m not talking about the new incarnation, but rather the place many ended up in the daylight hours following a night at the State Palace, that or City Park. Many times I showed up to Escapades and wondered why that was the place I ended up. It’s that place you know you shouldn’t go but you do anyhow. It was a place where cheesy breaks were king and there will always be one that reminds me of that place and no matter how cheesy I still love it, Planet Soul’s “Set U Free”. Yes I know to some if might be cheese or pop but I don’t care it connects memories for me and therefore it has a place in history. I call shenanigan’s if you don’t feel the urge to dance when the break down comes just like “Jay and Jane”.  Now break out some glow sticks and let me “Set U Free”.