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written on September 1, 2014 by Alexander Dias

Afrika Bambataa is the godfather of breakbeat, electro and one of the founding fathers of hip-hop. The Fort Knox Five are the masters of DC funk. When you add two of breakbeat’s finest purveyors of booty shakin’ beats into the mix you are left with a track that is nasty as all funk. The low end is full of dirt, the vocal is masterfully laid into the track, and the drums have the Miami sound that these two do so well.

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GTA have made a name for themselves with thier dedication to throwing away an attachment to genre, their sets and production run a wide range of tempos and sounds. Their latest for HARD front man Destructo is a monster of a breakbeat tune. This is just a massive tune, the drum line and synths are hard and huge, exactly what you’d expect from these guys and the tempo change on the last half is a proper way to get you into another speed in your set, out on the ninth this is one not to miss.

Does a Samuel Jackson sample ever get old? The answer is no, no it doesn’t. Used to great effect on this tune, coupled with a rocking bassline, What has created a track that has some serious dancefloor rocking potential. What really drives this one is that is has some house music grounding that will make it an easy cross over for any audience…although I wouldn’t play it at a church barbeque, that wouldn’t go over well.

Se7en Deadly Breaks have taken the breaks and bass world by storm in the last few years. Their debut release Superman was released on Deekline’s Booty Cakes label and easily hit the breaks top 100. They recently played the UKs legendary Boomtown Fair and closed out the Boombox stage with this amazing set. Starting with some harder more tearout style sounds with a huge ragga influence they easily move into some UK jackin’ bassline business and close out with some drum and bass to keep people dancing straight through. Download, listen, and rock out.

Germany’s Martin Telemann has started to make some serious waves with his rocking edits. This rehash of Dousers amazing King of Africa is a great example of what he can do with a track. First of all, let’s just comment on the fact that the original samples the Lion King, genius! Now that we have that out of the way, Martin has taken the track and chopped and screwed into a breaks monster. The dirty bassline is perfectly commented with the funky drumline.

Baby Anne, otherwise known as the Bass Queen has been droppin Miami Bass on the masses since the early nineties, not one to rely on her good looks to carry the show this is a woman who can easily work the crowd into a frenzy with her dynamic mixing style. She just dropped this rerub of Henry Fong’s “Takin’ It Back” for free and it’s dynamite, adding a huge bit of drums to the mix and cutting things up nicely.

Getting down with the deeper sounds Jason Laidback threw his hat it in the ring for the recent Pablo Nouvelle remix contest. He did a fantastic job of remixing this Black Butter Record’s artist. With some gorgeous floating synths and smooth as silk vocal laid down on the beat in top form. The beat has this start-stop feel that you can only get from a breakbeat. Lovely job here on this remix.

Keeping things on the deeper tip, this new release from Blâme just released this one as part of a two track EP. Taking the current bass house sound and giving a bit of an odd twist this track is something to rock late night. The drum programming is out of this world, great syncopation and a wonderful sense of timing as well a clean and crisp sound compliment the dirty bassline nicely. Definitely one to watch, Blâme has a style that is all his own.

written on August 30, 2014 by admin

Let’s be honest…we all kinda assumed complextro was a dying breed, right? Thomas Crowne gives zero fucks with the delivery of new tune “Let’s Go” and delves fully and unapologetically into the complextro waters, making us give a second thought. It’s definitely referential to the complextro days of yore, but it delivers on melodic hooks, something a lot of complextro tracks missed the mark on. It’s this that helps it stand on it’s own and be memorable (though I’ll be honest, I could have done without the trap breakdown, it’s not needed). Pre-order HERE.