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written on May 26, 2015 by gmoney

There are very few dance music artist/producers/groups/bands that can rival the career of Moby. There is little he hasn’t accomplished in his 25+ years in music. He’s had top ten singles and top ten albums long before any of the artist you hear today, and it all started with “Go”. Yes “Go” the track that is 24 years old, which means it came out 8 years before the movie was every made, but there were a lot of people that were turned onto to him from that point forward. There are many Moby tracks that I will hopefully get to over time but thanks to Gaz for pointing me in the right direction and starting from the beginning. So no matter your opinion of Moby one fact remains without, him there might not be a dance music mainstream.

written on by Myriah Turner

Louis La Roche’s Candy Sugar Rush remix is up for grabs.
You’re going to want this on your summertime playlists.
It has got a funky electronic current that matches the vocals point for point.
It is uber dance worth and an absolute banger.
Guaranteed to spark good times,
get down with Louis La Roche.

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