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written on October 30, 2014 by admin

Ok, just the title of this song makes me giggle. That aside, Beatz Freq and Justin Vega lend a tremendous remix to Wolfpack and Aarow’s “What Does This Button Do.” It takes a lot for me to be wooed by electro and big room right now, when everyone has the tendency to sound the same, but their super restrained and tension filled drop adds grit to what could otherwise be bland. Unfortunately, because the lead is so tightly packed up, the build ups wind up sounding artificially louder than the drop itself. Using the tiny trick of automating the volume down a couple db during those sections, then popping it back to zero on the drop, could make it sound much more impactful. Cop the download HERE.

written on by admin

I love everything Yellow Claw unabashedly and was very excited to see the new remix pack for Amsterdam Trap Music Vol. 2. It features several of my favorite producers at the moment and they each deliver a unique sound. Angger Dimas’ stripped version is probably my favorite, with sprinkles of bells that sparkle over the bass. Wiwek comes in a close second, delivering on a signature jungle terror sound. The rest of the pack is rounded out by Coone and Ape Drums, creating a very uniquely curated remix package. Support and buy on iTunes HERE.