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written on August 27, 2014 by gmoney

As Summer begins to fade many will try to make every last moment count as the Sun sinks into the ocean. Vlad Lucan has given us a good sunset remix of Lucius’s “Until We Get There”.  The lyrics are kind of fitting cause we don’t want our Summer fling to ever end so why not give it one more try. Vlad did an excellent job in replacing the guitar riff’s of the original with some nice soft synth leads that give this track that nice uplifting feeling of euphoria. I just wish it would go on a bit longer.

Vlad Lucan

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written on August 26, 2014 by gmoney

Music has a way of bringing people together and allowing us to share in experiences that we can always look back on and remember those people in that moment when all was right in the world. That is what I mean when you think about the soundtrack of your life, the defining moments good and bad. Some people only meet based on their taste in music whether it is online or back when raves were really raves. We all lost one of those people over the weekend.  His name was Christian Steck to many he was known as Dujen Wook.  He like myself had an affinity for late 90′s Trance music and we would share music via a group he created that centered around much of this music. We also shared in memories of Freebass/Disco Productions parties at the State Palace long before what you know of today as Disco Donnie Presents. Many times in situations like this people tend to think about what was lost and what could have been, but I like to think about what it was we had and the good things that have come from knowing the person that we knew. That is in essence what a throwback is about remembering what was good and smiling about it afterwards. So to honor the memory and good times of Dujen Wook I’m offering up what was actually one of my favs as well as his own.  “The Gamemaster” by Lost Tribe is a classic big Trance track what will cover you in emotion and leave you feeling better about the world. Here are two versions that I hope you will enjoy.