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Ramses B says of “Memoirs” – “relaxed and deeply satisfying, this is the antidote to all those horrendous drops and Massive presets.” He certainly wasn’t lying – there’s a gorgeous bliss surrounding the song, and the sounds used are so utterly crisp. The plucks are reminiscent of older trance in a Robert Miles kind of way, but the overall sound is far from retro. It’s very hard to turn this song off – once it ends, there’s this jarring moment of ‘oh, back to real life’…but then you can always play it again. Pre-order HERE.

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Fresh off the heels of their last track “Not About You” – playlisted on BBC R1 – the live act made up of Joe Murphy & Jonty Howard come through with their new single “Won’t Hold Back,” co-written and produced with iLL BLU. “Won’t Hold Back” gets a bassy and intricate rework from Diskord. Icy and crunchy at the same time, the track builds to a drop, which, with the cut vocals, brings an extra layer of depth and makes it feel more powerful altogether. Get the free download HERE.