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written on August 30, 2014 by admin

Let’s be honest…we all kinda assumed complextro was a dying breed, right? Thomas Crowne gives zero fucks with the delivery of new tune “Let’s Go” and delves fully and unapologetically into the complextro waters, making us give a second thought. It’s definitely referential to the complextro days of yore, but it delivers on melodic hooks, something a lot of complextro tracks missed the mark on. It’s this that helps it stand on it’s own and be memorable (though I’ll be honest, I could have done without the trap breakdown, it’s not needed). Pre-order HERE.

written on by admin

Hoodboi blows this remix of Coucheron’s “Deep End” out of the water…no pun intended. Speeding up the tempo slightly, he gives it a bouncier feel with bmore referential drums underneath that drops into a deliciously odd rework with severely pitched vocal bits. It then slides back into pretty nu-disco sounds and towards the end halves the tempo for a seriously ‘wow’ trap moment. It’s a formula many are using right now, but the sound produced here is so singular it stands out among the sea of many. I want this. Goddamnit.