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written on July 30, 2014 by Nerdy Frames

Greetings from the land of cheese on toast and Weetbix. Nerdy hasn’t been writing in ages cause Nerdy is mostly in the studio (aka my bedroom with a lot of shit thrown around) making some beats as the kids would say, but from time to time I’m out here in bloggy land getting the word out on releases from New Zealand from artists that you should really check out.

Legend DJ/Producer Greg Churchill has a brand new single out to coincide with his brand new label DNR Recordings called “Shake Well”.

Its currently available on Beatport to purchase and hopefully we’ll hear from him in the near future!



written on July 29, 2014 by gmoney

I was pleasantly surprised when I first heard this Tittsworth remix of Killa Theory’s “Datum”, because it wasn’t what I have come to know of Tittsworth.  A nice techy groove that drops some nice leads about mid way through to kick the track into another gear. It’s nice to see the versatility from a producer that is usually associated with another genre let alone do it  very nicely. Show some love and get this track for free.

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