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written on April 16, 2014 by admin

The trademark disco house duo Solidisco fast forwards us to warmer weather with a new original mix “Feeling Good.” Featuring the vocals of Nina Simone, “Feeling Good” has plenty of summer time vibes and a funky drop that’s ready to fill the ears of this summer’s festival goers. “We just wanted to make a straight-up feel good track and instantly thought of these classic vocals from Nina Simone. Can’t wait to play this one at our shows all summer long!” Free download HERE.

written on by admin

Holy crap if summer isn’t upon us. The mighty spirit of sol has vanquished the winter daemons of the north, and we, the simple folk, are once again decked in shades, tanks, and shorts in gratitude. This is the magical time of the year where anything is possible. Even if you’ve never been in school, or the time was so long ago that it’s only a twinkling memory, all of our brains are on spring break right now. Egadz is it time to celebrate.

So, with that in mind let’s head over to this mix that Thump recently released. The Vancouver powerhouse that is Sleepy Tom has been impressing fans left and right with eclectic take on DJing, and is currently making waves at the mighty Fools Gold. This guest mix for Thump is no exception. It’s a secret handshake that joins the warehouse with the big room, and it is awesome. You’ll get a hefty harvest of club, house, trap, festival, electro house, ballroom and more in a dizzyingly hip grinding array. The dynamic is solid here, but Sleepy Tom keeps the listener going to werk more or less the entire mix. Tt’s a bit like this: If you start out listening with a Jerry Curl you’ll end up with flat ironed hair; if you started with flat ironed hair, you’ll end up with Jerry Curl by the conclusion of this mix.

As for the tracklist, well, you can already deduce what that might look like. Sleepy Tom has meandered through the likes of Skrillex, Bro Safari, gLAdiator, Wave Racer, Botnek, Bixel Boys, and so much more here. In many ways, Tom may already be ahead of the game when it comes to the future of EDM, a place where he big room and the underground no longer exist as such. It will be more about selecting the right sounds to keep a crowd going all night long. Speaking of….get ready once you pull the trigger here.