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written on October 22, 2014 by admin

I’m sorry. I’m very terribly sorry that I could not think of a better bad pun, but my brain is lacking in the thought…particle…things..today. None the less, you most certainly will fall for Kozee here. But I’m getting ahead of myself. A gentle blue has been creeping across the land in NY as of late. And this slight face slapping chill is just in time for a whole host of seasonal events. No, not just the all mighty Samhain, but plenty of fantastic parties, not to mention CMJ, are on the rise. It’s time to return to clarity, and get a solid groove going.

There. Now we shall return to the matter at hand, yon Kozee. This bassey mistress has laid down a deftly solid mix, for what some would argue, is the best time of the year. Rolling in very quietly indeed, the sounds stay soulful and light for the first half of this mix, before Kozee turns the heat up a bit. House, garage, and other four on the floor sounds lead the way before a little grime storms in to add some bite. Overall a groove that won’t quit form’s the spine for a mix that has gentle, liquid transitions. But somewhere towards the latter third, just when you thought it was safe, rugged clubbish techno sounds creep in as the harbinger of a steep and steady tempo change that ends in an excellently rude finish. Super grimey sounds go hard through a landscape that ups again to some fantastically experimental jungle. Needless to say, it’s quite a journey. By the end of it, you just may end up a sweaty heap.

As for the tracklist? Well, you can’t exactly burn through tracks with a mix this gentle in transition. What you do, in that case, is pick choice cuts through and through…which is exactly what Kozee has done here, with the likes of Majora, Redlight, Lenkemz, I Killed Kenny, and even a few gems from Kozee herself. Whether you like progressive music, bass music, garage, or grime, this is the mix for you. Hell if you just need a solid excuse to cut loose for an hour, this fits the bill. Choon in to Kozee’s Fall Mix 2014, and thank me later.

written on by Myriah Turner

Luca Lush and Deffie hittin’ you with a vibey Groove Theory mix.
It’s up for grabs and has mega soul with a serious ebb and flow
of bass and specks of the future. Their is a magical lift that promotes this other world experience, the dance mood is strong.

Feel it, I dare you.