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written on June 24, 2015 by admin

What a wild few days it’s been. Between the weather sliding in and out from blazing sun to torrential downpour and my schedule running non-stop like a hamster’s heart exploding in the wheel, things have been mad-cap. But I’m not mad; it’s all made for a very exciting time. In fact, I’d say things have been down-right exhilarating. The people, the places, the swirling skies: all of this has made for a very life-affirming period. Here’s to hoping it never stops.

I think it only fair, at this juncture, to share that maddening energy with all of you. So, here’s a mix that is sure to keep your mind and body racing. Well, I should say, not so much a mix as a radio show, but, none-the-less… Raw bass label Seclusiasis hosts a regular show on sub.fm, and this round sees the big talents of Dev79 and Matt Wizard hitting the decks for some serious business. What you end up with is two hours of insanely grimey tunes. Everything from shuffling two-step to bass tunes sharp enough to slice lead is fired off here, all with the expert ease of two expertly rude DJ’s. Though they keep the dynamic flowing, the energy stays high the whole time here.

As per the tracklist, well, they promise it’ll be coming soon. However, there should be a few familiar tracks in the mix. Regardless, things stay filthy grimey in the most legit way possible, from this set that just won’t quit. You should probably remove all the breakables from the room before pulling the trigger on this bad boy.

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written on June 23, 2015 by Myriah Turner

Addal strums your heart cords with his latest original tune,
Morning in Love. The track features vocals by Lisa May and is a
proving electronic lullaby for lovers. There is a sweet husky swoon
going on with the lyrics paired with a seemingly eerie yet
righteous beat that blossoms into a perfected Sunday vibe
fit for any day of the week. Be in love with Addal.


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