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Felix Cartal first heard of Steve James via his remix of Zhu’s “Faded.” From there, the two started talking on Twitter and Felix asked if the young 16 year old would be interested in remixing his latest single “Ready For Love.” Steve was floored and snatched up the offer, whipping up this remix in what we hear was almost no time at all. As Felix himself says “we’re all fucked. the youth have officially won the industry.” Take a listen to this driving, yet soothing remix that is one more reason why the internets are all a flutter over this young producer. Support and buy the remix on iTunes HERE.

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It’s a life affirming day from my view of the world this morning. The construction vehicles are chirping, the cars are buzzing, the sun is ever so high in the sky, and all is right with the world. This summer may be heading into its golden years, but, as I see it, that mentality is here to stay for much longer. If you’re up, there’s no reason you can’t go further, and if you’re down, there’s reason you can’t get up. Throw caution to the wind, and let’s celebrate, shall we?

There’s been a slew of new talent bursting at the seems of the music world recently. From young new names, to re-vamped veterans, and even some hot new alliances, it’s a great time to love electronic music. Case in point comes this new dance-floor fiendly collab. titled NEVERMIND. Made up of Petey Clicks, (who moved from the amazingly prolific duo Clicks & Whistles to dabble big in the bassline world) and Grenier (who, as DJG was an insanely influential member of the weighty deep dubstep underground). Together, this mighty combo seems to be trying to push each other’s skills further and further while translating a dizzying amount of previously underground sounds into the big room. And, even thought they’ve JUST announced their existence to world, so far, so damn good. Don’t believe me? Check out this beastly mix they just dropped on Thump.

It’s hard to separate a review of this mix from a review of NEVERMIND themselves. A quick scanning over the tracklist will tell you that, in one way or another, each and every artist here is in fact, NEVERMIND. The sounds are both a combination of and a shuffling through everything from acid to trap to garage to bassline to 90′s throwback and much more. Not only is it all on point, but, the way NEVERMIND handles them, these sounds seem as though they were married from birth. While never festival level of high energy, these jams stay a foot moving four on the floor, packed with hip shaking beats and hand throwing hooks. Just to give you a few frames of reference, a handful of bootlegs include the likes of Schoolboy Q, Juicy J, Young Thug, Wiley, JME, and the like. (Bonus? There’s a boot of Short Dick Man that actually pops off.) All in all this first trip around the block by NEVERMIND is a stupidly good floor burning journey, and I cannot wait to see what comes next. Just hit play and prepare to kirk out for the rest of the week.