written on April 23, 2014 by The Lothario

For the third installment of Moving Castle‘s compilation we have Dirty Chocolate and Bonae Bonae’s track “Wave.” Do you need more synth organ punch chords in your life? Do you need a windy melody? These things are surely missing in your life. While I tend to think most future bass songs sound nostalgic, “Wave” is carrying all the nostalg-y notes I need right now. The production is really solid on this tune as well, which helps the bells shine in the end. There’s a weird Eastern influence here, and it’s really special.

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The Boomzers have released freebie “Escape From Darkness” – a song is reminiscent of the chest-thumping, teeth grinding dubstep that was at its height a few years ago. What’s interesting about this song in particular though is the way it weaves from crazy, severe, industrial sounds to lighter, mellow sounds, especially leading up to the breaks. This is a heady tune for sure, one that I could definitely see having a ‘whoa’ moment too while stoned. Download for FREE.