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written on February 2, 2014 by Myriah Turner


There has been an influx in original tracks lately and I am absolutely loving it. I like that blank canvas anything is possible, what the fuck am I about to hear thing. It’s exciting just like Chris Val’s latest original, Reply to This. It projects you into the future with a super current expression/question, ‘How do ya reply to this?’ then it just goes off and throws your entire existence into a blender where there is no reply other than the
dance attack you’re about to experience.
This tune is gnarly.
Oh and I’m not sure if this should concern anyone but on soundcloud the track is tagged with ‘Slap, Love and Cuddles’ which I can only advise you as to not interpertate as your reply to this tune. Domestic violence is not the answer, to this track I mean….

Stay Good, Get Bad, Don’t Reply.


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