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written on May 31, 2009 by admin

So excited! True Pseudo’s “Freaking Me Out Part 2″ drops tomorrow and on June 2nd (depending on when the sites update)! There is a new extended mix of the original, and of course, the Pilotpriest mix and the Designer Drugs mix that everyone has been coveting. Will post all the samples and a FULL version of the extended mix here tomorrow so make sure you come back and check!

By the way, got some new gems to pass along – and no, not new tracks (although those are below). First off, I have a new podcast! The latest entry is the full audio from my interview with Tiga! SUBSCRIBE HERE. Also, my label Calamity Jane Recordings has a new podcast with mixes from our artists! SUBSCRIBE HERE.

There’s some crazy events on the horizon as well – got some pending dates from coast to coast (and out of the country) that I should be able to post soon! I do need a break though – geez, between two weekends ago (see two posts ago) and last weekend…its been nuts. I nearly got into a full fledged girl fight (NOT my fault!), got tipsy with the editors of Bad Girls Club and pretty much emptied Bang nightclub in Cincinnati of their Patron with my friends. Christ, what happened? A lot of you have been asking when I’ll be playing in Chicago next – it’s on the horizon – details to come soon :)

So to whet your appetite for the electro bombs I’ll be dropping your way tomorrow, here’s a good handful of tunes that have been sent over. There’s some awesomeness here – I think you’ll be happy!

Santiago and Bushido are from my neck of the woods (thats’s Chicago for those of you who don’t know) and they always create massive bombs. How excited was I to see a cleared 320 file from them in my inbox the other day!! Their remix of Prairie Cartel‘s “Beautiful Shadow” is built for a big room – alternating between vocals and a dubbed feel with looped goodness that keeps it driving throughout. The synth is fairly simple but catchy and overall it’s a little different from what I would expect from the duo. Fire!

Prairie Cartel: Beautiful Shadow (Santiago & Bushido Remix)

Two tracks in from Dave Dirt this time – one is “Bring The Noize” (just guess what that’s a remix of) and the other is called “Switch.” I actually think “Switch” is produced a little better than “Bring The Noize” which suffers from flat drums and a synth I find a little too spastic. It’s still good, but would be even better with those two items tweaked. “Switch” is more pulled together with a solid synth loop that layers up at points and is highlighted by a vocal stab.

Dave Dirt: Bring The Noize

Dave Dirt: Switch

Ok we all know I love my buddy Tittsworth and give him props whenever I can. Two remixes of his track “Drunk As F*ck” have come my way by Meterhead and Top Billin so I had to feature both. The Meterhead mix is more laid back with a plucky bass guitar, hints of a synth that sits in the background and minimal amounts of percussion making it more of a chilled out take that could sit well at the beginning of a night. The Top Billin remix is completely different – raving it up with tight drumrolls and an amusing simplistic bassline that walks up and down in an 8 count. It’s nothing you have to think too hard about, but fun to drop in for a couple minutes.

Tittsworth: Drunk As F*ck (Meterhead Mix)

Tittsworth: Drunk As F*ck (Top Billin Remix)

Remixes abound for AC Slater‘s “Hello!” and here’s yet another from Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror. With a wobbly dubstep-esque synth that dominates with tinny percussion (it actually works here) and omg, cowbell, this is a track that would appeal to people in both the dubstep and electro crowds. Not for the faint of heart – it’s a bit speedy and pretty much in your face.

AC Slater: Hello! (Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror Remix)

More from Don Diablo – this man is a machine. This time it’s a remix though. Noisia‘s take on “Hooligans” is really quite nice – one of the things I’m always iffy on with Diablo (and I think I have mentioned it before) is that his stuff to me always sounds on the verge of being underproduced. This remix though is beefy, even in the breaks with pads riding underneath multiple synths that build up momentously into a hard, yet rhythmic crescendo. If you can’t tell, I’m quite a fan.

Don Diablo: Hooligans (Noisia Remix)

Cold Blank‘s 808 remix of Surkin‘s “Radio Fireworks” is nicely done. A little understated, but still quite banging. I think it would have been easy to go overboard here and instead, the synth sits front and center without being overzealous and the supporting elements fit in nicely from the choppy vocal stabs to the perfectly placed percussion. Nice ravey lo pass filter break towards the end btw. Seems like there’s a lot of that going around right now.

Surkin: Radio Fireworks (Cold Blank’s 808 Remix)

Rock the f*ck out with this remix of Popular Computer‘s “Darling” by Give Me A Kiss. Seriously, I feel like headbanging. Maybe I’ll fish out a lighter on the breakdown – who knows? Intense guitar action here with a serious break that starts with some epic claps and layers in the synth followed by a drop that kind of comes in out of nowhere. I would be particular about where I used this track but I feel like if you have that golden opportunity, this could make everyone go berserk.

Popular Computer: Darling (Give Me A Kiss Remix)

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