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written on May 2, 2012 by admin

First things first, I don’t normally ramble on about my “gigs” and what not, as I don’t feel this blog is a personal showcase for my own musical doings, but I will say that I’m working on this post well after I normally would, due to a random happenstance yesterday. Somehow I found myself, on a few hours notice, DJing the Marilyn Manson post show, and thus getting home very very very late into the night. With that in mind, please forgive any unintentionally amusing moments of today’s post.

Mishka has been a cultural portal deep into the inner workings of my life for quite sometime now, both informing me of trends and events that interest me, and generally paralleling my tastes at the same time. Recently they’ve waxed nostalgic about legendary moments and lost gems of their famed, “Keep Watch,” mix series, reposting old mixes to both the blog and their soundcloud account all the while. It was in that space that I discovered this re-up of a Flufftronix mix from ’08. It seems like that shouldn’t be so long ago, but obviously this pre-dates the surging waves of Luvstep, and inhabits an audio era that feels light years away.

What I did find interesting though, was how fitting this bit of nostalgia would be for Humpday Helper. Normally I balk about posting mixes a month old, so, clearly this is something special for me to go back 365 days, several times over. It’s a bit of club, electro, almost some disco, and everything else the heads around here love to bob to, but still from that era where you could mix things up, veering off the EDM course from time to time. The names should equally be enticing, with Acid Jacks, Boy 8-Bit, Jokers of the Scene, Drop the Line, and even MIA gracing these sounds. Of course there’s also bits of spice, with the likes of Outrageous Cherry, DJ Venom, and even Brian Eno here as well. The pace is as tight as the beat, and the sounds being quite as eclectic as they are is a refreshing throwback. You’ll find yourself locked in, and only noting that the difference is there are no Dutch horns running rampant, tag teaming with br0-stepped synths crashing in and out….and sometimes…..that’s not a bad thing. So, let this mix take you back to a time when you were ever younger and more reckless, and then relive the dream all weekend. You can pay when you’re dead (as I surely must be at this moment, hahaha…..).

1. Intro
2. Outrageous Cherry – If You Want Me
3. Acid Jacks – Brainss!
4. Jape – Floating (Bobmo remix)
5. DJ Big Red – Jakybodi
6. Caren Monique – Rock Me Tonight
7. DJ Falcon – Unplugged
8. Electronet – Funk Legacy
9. DJ Pumpkin Patch – Dooby Bras 10. Boy 8-Bit – The Things That Freeks Are Made Of
11. MIA – World Town
12. SebastiAn – Dog (Choreo edit)
13. 1,000 brokenbeat Deejays – Supernaut
14. Destroy Disco – Fly or Bounce (Jokers of the Scene remix)
15. Flufftronix – Machines Don’t Come (MDC+K7)
16. 2 Pistols – She Got It (Instrumental)
17. Drop the Lime – Hear Me (Monster Mosh 4×4 dub)
18. Drop the Lime – NYC Massacre
19. DJ Godfather – What U Workin’ Wit
20. DJ Deeon – Ride This MF
21. Raziek – Shella Ju
22. DJ Godfather – Scooby Snacks
22. DJ Slugo – G.O.Y.K. & B.D.
23. DJ Venom – Slugz
24. Cadence Weapon – House Music (A1 Bassline remix)
25. Flufftronix – Flash Knights
26. Math Head – Get Hype
27. Brian Eno – Baby’s On Fire
28. Lenny De Ice – We Are I.E. (Drums of Death remix)
29. DJ Will Roc – The Piano Man
30. Mystery Jets – Two Doors Down (Duke Dumont reconstruction)
31. Lali Puna – Contratempo
32. Zegota – Sleepwalkers

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