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written on January 4, 2012 by admin

“Too much, too soon, too head strewn,” you might be saying about looking forward to throwing down the week after NYE. Well, it’s time to get serious about your career as a professional partygoer, after all, those blase-bassed pictures aren’t going to take themselves. This should be a test of your mettle, as I present the short, but super-nova fiery mix that I would have been a lobotomized idiot to have skipped over: Major Lazer’s new years eve mix for Annie Mac, on BBC radio 1.

You will require an air gasping breather, and a carton or two of cigarettes after this mammoth tramples you. Too cool for tracklist school, Major Lazer, (and, come come now, you all know who these masterminds are), are back again to prove that they are overlord dictators of the dance, with a 20 min mix that is bursting at the seems, crisscrossing a dizzying amount of genres. Reggae, dancehall, moombah, dubstep, club, huge hip-hop bangers, and, egadz, even some jungle. There’s spits and spurts of Wiley, Jay-Z and Kanye, Schlachthofbronx, Ace Hood, SBTRKT, Beenie Man, Camo UFOs, and an endless supply of more names. It’s an entire night of roof destroying sounds, clamped tight into the reigns of 20 minutes.

This is the mix that gives you entry deep into the bowels of a cultural and literal underground. Strange blacklights strobe via the flailing limbs shooting through the darkness, eternally slaved to the beats that seep from the skills of a void shrouded DJ backed into an undiscoverable corner. Bars only lit by their oddly neon lit offerings spring up out of the darkness, their glimmer giving mild illumination to patrons that could either be nightlife stars or real life gangsters. You could be in London, New York, Kingston, or Berlin, all are equally plausible and unknowable. With no key, you embrace your fated destiny, toss alien shot, hurl your glass into the urban fog, and surrender yourself to these mad beats, knowing that you are finally one with the illuminatus hymns of the true dance culture of vampyric infinity.

MAJOR LAZER new years eve mix for @anniemacdj BBC radio 1 by diplo

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