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written on November 30, 2011 by admin

Hi everyone, $amroc here. I hope you are having an awesome week doing all the awesome things I’m sure you’re doing awesomely. I got out of work pretty early, which is awesome, to write about some awesome tunes you can have (which is awesome!) AND had an awesome day doing it, so let’s not wait any longer and GET TO THE AWESOME!

First off from the land of awesome, we have an awesome freebie from the always awesome DJ Assault. You probably know of his awesomeness due to his awesome ode to awesome ass and titties, “Ass and Titties”. What you might not know is that HE STILL MAKES TRACKS SAMPLING HIS OWN VOICE AND JUST GIVES THEM AWAY! Pretty much anything not-awesome gets an awesome Detroit ghetto-tech diss track from DJ Assault, from his mocking girl-jeans wearing dudes anthem “Man Pants” from last year to this current ire of his, smelly feet.


DJ Assault -Yo Feet Stink

Pedro Mauricio, aka King Kong from Lisbon, Portugal, dropped this awesome moombahsoul-ish edit of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” that’s so awesome as it is he didn’t even put any vocal samples of Justin Timberlake on it. He created a hyped-up sexy hip-hoppy dancefloor platform from the instrumental supplemented by extra synth strings, airhorns, police sirens, and vocal snips that will slide awesomely next to the works of Jon Kwest and David Heartbreak.


Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River (King Kong ‘Go On And Just’ Bootleg)

Juan Valadez, aka Nader of Sonido Rampage Y Nader fame, dropped this awesome crazy hype house/bmore ode to Chicago Bulls league MVP point guard Derrick Rose earlier today, despite his feelings of not being able to watch him play due to the NBA lockout ranking in the not-very-awesome-at-all category.


Nader – Drose

Producer Igor Makhlin, aka SAUR from Philadelphia, has contributed this Dutch-house banger to the world presumably to reward it for all the awesomeness it provides him. Reward he does with this hard-hitting rework of the same Logic Pro preset sample Steve Angello used in his hit “Gypsy” (Steve often comes under criticism for using stock presets as main melody lines and making awesome amounts of money making those tracks ridiculously huge both sound and popularity-wise). A nice intro and familiar sounding build really don’t prepare you for the sample to show up right before the drop and it’s subsequent snappin’ on the final low note of the flute melody.


SAUR – My Dutch Flute (Original Mix)

Ghetto Division labelhead Charlie Glitch dropped this straightforward juke joint today, with the main looping sample welcoming the listener to an awesome basement club footwork party, declaring “Welcome to the Chi-Town, where all we do is juke and footwork.” Just when you thought you couldn’t take the loop anymore, it breaks down nicely into stabs of ‘juke’ and ‘work’ to form the word ‘jukework’ with different drum programming before moving on to a crazy bridge and then a reprise of earlier themes and a hypnotic outro.


Charlie Glitch – Juke Work

Hailing from Burlington, Vermont, electro/moombahton producers Lazerdisk Party Sex released this ‘future digiridoo’ remix of Go Buck!’s “Jungle Fever” today. How awesome is ‘future digiridoo’, you ask? About as awesome as an all-out moombahcore kitchen-sink swirling of wobbles, synths, drums and samples with a digiridoo in the intro.


Go Buck! – Jungle Fever (Lazerdisk Party Sex Remix)


Nader & Dice – Where Da Hoes At?

Neon Hitch – Silly Girl (Dr. Ozi Remix)

Nostalgia – Looky Here


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