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written on November 28, 2012 by Samroc

THIRSTY FOR ELECTRO? Well, some people are still thirsty for things like water. Medical Aid. Electricity. Shelter. Food. We here on the internet can provide the first supply, and also money, and the staff at Macro Records have assembled an amazingly large compilation of donated works with ALL proceeds going to the Red Cross. On this 27 track opus of electronic philanthropy you’ll find a wide array of familiar names in todays modern electro world, from Defunct!, Macro Record’s founder Downlow’d, Paul Anthony, RUN DMT, Disco Fries, to even miss ‘Pocket Porn’ herself, Sue Cho, paired on the opening track with producer Alex Mind. This compilation has more bangers than a plate of mash, and is an all around no-brainer of a purchase for electro lovers that have a heart, so do it! Tracks are purchasable individually for the cherry-picking or as the complete set, and feel free to feel good about stacking your digital crates with top notch material that helps people in need out. I’m personally cherrypicking the RUN DMT track to post before the whole player to insure this post makes it over to ye olde hype machine, a weird fusion between dubstep and trap and I’m not really sure what else I checked for immediately as soon as I was sent this comp, and you will find the rest on the large player below it. Treat yourself while helping others!

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