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written on November 4, 2010 by admin

I know everyone is in chill mode following Halloween weekend (was it just me, or did this year’s Halloween seriously up the ante??) so here’s a light post with a couple more chillax mixes and a few tunes. By the way, if you want to check pics from Halloween weekend – I have a gallery up from Friday night’s loft party which was insaaaaane. My favorite costume – the duo of broke-ass robots. Bonus points for the cat stuffed animal wearing underwear that was taped to one of them. Enjoy – and recover well :-)

One of my favorites is back! Phantim, the man behind the epic “Let’s All Say Hey” combo of Dennis Ferrer and Laidback Luke/Diplo has now done a luscious integration of Steve Aoki’s “I’m In The House” with Boys Noize’s “Yeah”. It’s not his best work to date and feels a touch clumsy at moments, but he does pull it off in the end. Definite crowd pleaser!

Steve Aoki vs. Boys Noize – I’m In The Yeah (Phantim Bootleg)

Buddy DJ Grandtheft of Team Canada sent over this remix of Metric’s “Stadium Love” and though it’s on the mild side for what is usually posted on here, it’s well, something you’ll fall in love with. Lighthearted, with tiny music box notes cranking away in the background, the whole landscape of the song is transformed. Listening to this remix is like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket on a Saturday morning and watching cartoons. Big <3 for this one.

Metric: Stadium Love (Grandtheft Remix)

Boulder duo DeFence & TechNique bring the tone down on Florrie’s “Call 911″ but deceptively so…it’s still one hell of a banger, just more subtle. Thick, palpable drums and a rubbery bass are pretty much the only items for Florrie’s vocals to play foil to, but it works so gorgeously. I could completely see myself working this into the latter half of a set in the wee hours before a club closes. I mean seriously, each sound in there is so thick you can practically feel them through the headphones.

Florrie – Call 911 (Defence & Technique Remix)

Yuuup another Chew Fu! This time with a cameo from A-Clay on his remix of “Like A G6″. Once I stopped grumbling about the DJ-unfriendly intro (yes, I recognize we’re not all DJs), I started really enjoying the mix. Admittedly, “Like A G6″ is one of those top 40 tunes I just can’t get enough of right now, and with the addition of another vocalist, this is a unique take that goes to another level that most other remixes don’t. I’m not sure I’ve ever said this, but for me, the A-Clay vocals are just a SMIDGE too loud in the overall mix, but it’s a tiny thing to take issue with.

Far East Movement feat. A-Clay: Like A G6 (Chew Fu So Twisted Fix)


And now a couple of mixes! I know I haven’t done a mix post in a minute (eek) but I thought I’d share a couple that were recently sent to me. I’m really loving both of them and both have a slightly deeper, tech vibe to them. The first is a live set by Chicago’s Skyler Mendoza, recorded here at Angels & Kings. Unfortunately, no track list came with the mix, but he notes that if you’re really curious, you can tweet him @killskyler to get it. There’s a really nice progression with this mix, that starts out with a groovier vibe and eventually gets into more vocals and drum-heavy tunes.

Skyler Mendoza: Live At Angels & Kings, Chicago

The second mix also comes with no track list (sowwy), and is from Boulder-based duo DeFence & TechNique, also featured above. “Proper Techno Vol. 2″ is part of their ongoing series incorporating their selects of the best techno, tech house and minimal tunes out there right now. True to the mix’s title, the smooth-flowing hour dances across an array of genres while still maintaining an identity. Complete yumminess.

DeFence & TechNique: Proper Techno Vol. 2

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