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written on January 9, 2012 by admin

Helloooooo everyone, this is $amroc dropping through once again to hook you up with a buncha free music I found for you by following Greg and his parents here deep throughout the electronic underground club circuit. We had some fantastic, sordid, unforgettable, and occasionally disgustingly shameful adventures, but I’m not gonna tell you about any of those because WE’RE GONNA GET RIGHT TO THE TUNES!!!!

WOOP! WOOP! We have a track here that samples KRS-ONE’s “Sound Of Da Police”. You can NEVER have enough tracks sampling “Sound Of Da Police”. I probably have like 30 playable tracks at least sampling the WOOP! WOOP! Shit is completely unarguably super-epicly classic as hell. It makes partiers laugh and go WOOP! WOOP! also, which really never gets old either. ‘Police’ is coming from dj/producer friends Luis Barrios and Vincent Romero, aka Luie B and DJ Sketch from Torrance, California. Leaving out the woop samples (!!!!) and instead providing you with ample synth ‘woops’, it opts for a thumping tribal dembow moombahton workout to slowly progress over the course of the track. Awash in white noise, it really breaks out of it’s shell around the second drop into bloopy bubbling synth chirps that are some nice familiar earcandy for fans of chirpy moombahton and dutch house.



Luie B & Dj Sketch – Police

Boston-based dj Noms dropped this nerdy shit-hot 8-bit moombahton mix of what looks like it might be music from the video game Meat Boy. I looked up some music from the game but couldn’t match the music…ah well. I have to work today so research time is looooow and its 5am….check out Noms on soundcloud.


Noms – Meat Boy

Right after I recently posted Kovary’s “Back In Black” remix he sent me this also-awesome remake of EMF’S “Unbelievable”, which showcases a similar skill set he continues to fine tune as he makes his way through heavily juicing up any classic party hit he desires.


EMF – Unbelievable (Kovary moombahton bootleg)

Madison dubstep producer/performer Von recently dropped his track ‘Louder’ on Heavy Artillery Records, and here it gets the 108 bpm treatment from Wausau moombahcore producer TEKNiCOLOR. Both of these guys are certified crowd-rockers when it comes to getting people riled the fuck up, I have seen it in person (multiple times).



Von – Louder (TEKNiCOLOR Remix)

Haha. Bel Biv Devoe moombahton. I can’t wait to play this sometime to randos. I can already tell this is going to crush rando evening, rando afternoon pool party, and rando wedding after rando wedding. Pretty soon my sports bar set is gonna be all killer moombahton edits that can connect with the most rando of the rando crowds. Who knew?


Bel Biv Devoe – Poison (Stereothieves Moombahton Edit)

Mendez from El Cuco Recordings is mad busy moving from AZ to the Pacific Northwest, but not too busy to continue with the massive output of both releases and freebies from him and his labelmates. This is some seriously tight gangster sweaterbahton from Drake and company with a nice hyphy feel courtesy of Frank’s veteran production skill and time spent working in commercial clubs playing mainstream dance music.


Drake ft Lil Wayne & Tyga – The Motto (Mendez Rework)

2Hearts from Ann Arbor, Michigan delivered a quality dembow remix of Havah Nagilah for a holiday treat for their followers. This just in: I am now accepting bookings for Bar Mitzvahs.


Juan Calle – Havah Nagilah (2Hearts Edit)

2Deep just leaked this ridiculous track off an upcoming ep of his that’s yet to be released. I asked him if I could post it, he said yes. Thanks Luis! For some reason, I can picture people partying to this.


2Deep – Ay Bitch

On Wisconsin! Madison-raised LA-based Beatport chart heavyweight Fei-Fei came up with a thick slab of free ambient dubstep to celebrate her birthday last week. After years of pushing trance and techno worldwide, she has recently moved heavily into playing and producing her own dubstep, and this indie-ish feeling discordant piece of deep bass music feels like a nice middle ground between the melodies of her trance work and her newfound love for all things dubstep.


Fei-Fei – Whole



Skimatix – War Juke

DJ Flawlez feat. Juke Ellington – Pandoras Juke Box

Sines – H-Town

Bitch Back Up (Original Mix) – Dj Dice Beats

DJMH -Get It Girl



Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you enjoy your hour or so of free tunes courtesy of all these great producers this week, leave me some comments if you feel so inclined! -$amroc


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