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written on April 5, 2012 by admin

Greetings!  Zoë Renee reporting in on a beautiful and chilly spring afternoon with some tubes to help warm your spirits! I have some really fun grooved out tunes for you to enjoy on all occasions-but best of all, when you’re dancing!

Starting things off with a modern master of groove; Perseus brings us a KILLER edit of the soulful Mary J Blige’s ‘I Can Love You’ titled “Love In Zanzibar”.  From the beginning there’s no secret that you’re in for a treat as Mary J’s voice greets you along with sweepy synths, grooving bass, and a melody that almost reminds you of the level you wish existed in The Legend of Zelda.  This track is pure ecstasy-play it loud and play it often.

Perseus-Love In Zanzibar

While we’re thinking of warmer weather, cool drinks, and sunny days, Viceroy gives us another installment of his Jet Life series of edits.  Next in rotation he gives us a glorious edit of Mark Morrison’s ‘Return Of The Mack’ you know-that awesome song that is too good to be just a guilty pleasure to sing out loud just about anywhere.  Keeping up the feel-good vibe, Viceroy adds a bit of a tropical disco twist to the classic making it perfect for beach parties and summer nights.  I’ve been playing this song non stop and I can guarantee that it will remain in your heavy rotation as well :)

Mark Morrison-Return Of The Mack (Viceroy Jet Life Remix)

As you know, we recently lost music icon Whitney Houston.  Her contribution to music will inspire producers, singers, and DJs for many generations to come (just think of DJ Mehdi’s edit of ‘Love Thing’ and try not to feel inspired).  The tributes have poured in and in all across the globe, but one tribute really stood out to me.  It comes to us courtesy of LeLe, remember he’s the one who made that infectious jam; ‘Breakfast’? He’s back and just dropped his new album Partytime (grab it here).  His take of ‘I Will Always Love You’ is from a deeper house perspective with jackin’ drums and a loopy synth that whereas is not a 1:1 tribute, it is very well done and great for a early budding dancefloor.

LeLe-I Will Always Love You

Last but not least, you have heard some really great edits from our newest friend to dSquared; Theatre Of Delays.  Recently, we received his first original track titled ‘Sophie’ and the Berlin native has delivered a real treat!  Laced with a throbbing bass groove, full drums, there is an almost eerie feel to the track especially when the vocals kick in.  However, what we find is a balance between something lo-fi and something so full and theatrical you can only expect it from someone so aptly named Theatre of Delays.  Truth be told, this is a great song to warm up a dancefloor, it’s not background noise and you just have to move when you hear it.  We are definitely looking forward to hearing more from this chap!

Theatre Of Delays-Sophie


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