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written on December 27, 2011 by admin

Greetings valiant dancefloor devotees. Seeing as how Dani Deahl is recently departed (Don’t worry, just to China, not the undiscovered country), I’ve stepped in to fill her long-heeled, custom made shoes, so, first, sorry that this is a day late…..Second? Well, there’s that fascinating new floor banger called, “Diplo Hates You,” that recently came out as a teaser clip replete with a remix competition, and an equally teasing video. If you’ve been caught unawares as to who the master mind behind this jam might be, simply direct your eyes to the url above. Then shift them to said clip, video, and remix competition. Let’s see what else we can shake out of the forgotten, floor crumpled stocking, shall we?

In case you missed the December issue of DJ Times, there was a fairly nice interview with Porter Robinson. He does a bit of breaking down how simple his set up is, how he taught himself both production and piano, how he’s been producing for seven years, but only DJing for one….and, oh yeah, how he’s 19 and wrote most of his biggest hits between daily stints in high-school…. Mop up the juicy details, here.

For those more enslaved to the sub side of things, Earmilk pointed out that, several days ago, the figurehead of the old-dubstep-guard himself, Rusko, tossed an armload of historical remixes out to his fans, as a seasonal gesture. It’s quite the walk down wobbly way, with the likes of Skream’s groundbreaking “Dutch Flowers,” his face-melting take on The Prodigy’s, “Take Me to the Hospital,” the crowd pleasing Kid Cudi, “Day and Night,” remix, a bit of bassed club action with Kid Sister’s, “Pro Nails,” and so many other sparkly gems, (there’s a rumor out that very late, on the right night, I still might drop that sweet sweet Bionic Commando remix…) At any rate, run, do not sleep, on this post-xmass miracle; check out the deets, here

Meanwhile, over on the dubspot blog, they round up the top five mixing and mastering tutorials of 2011. On the slightly undergrown hand it apparently only holds relevance to those using Izotope Ozone, but, on the other, that is one wild charging wildabeast of a program. So…it might be time to make that investing leap. At any rate, some bits and bobs are always universal, so why not give them a once over, and pump up the jams a bit, eh?

Another footnote under the heading of “in case you missed it,” Resident Advisor recaps the initial lineup announcement for this year’s Ultra. This “Phase 1,” announcement covers the spectrum from, “Well duh,” (Skrillex, Tiesto), all the way to the “Oh my gosh!” (New Order and Kraftwerk (!!!!!!)). It’s always interesting to see what diamonds and diamonds in the rough Ultra will bring, so if you didn’t catch it, let RA fill in the blanks. There’s even a swank video to get you hopping around.

Finally, you still have a few more days to check out BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix of 2011. Voted on by the beat driven masses, this tasty collection will probably catch you a bit off guard. Sure, you all know who Massive Attack are, but some of you may not be as familiar with Above and Beyond, Super8 and Tab, and/or Mat Zo. Regardless, it’s an excellent way to sum up the year, in keeping with this long standing, equally excellent series. Listen now, before it’s too late.

This a bit more of a resources section than it is hot button CNN for the technics set, but hopefully some of this will help you along in your day. Thanks for tuning in, and feel free to share any news you have swinging round your way.

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