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written on February 6, 2012 by admin

Oh hey, guess who? No, not Dani, it’s the other big ‘D’, Denman. Let’s have an adventure together where we see what’s been going on in the world of sound, shall we?……

First off, we’re excited to announce that Pete Wentz (we’ve been good friends ever since the Black Cards thing) is working with MASScanvas to promote their newest challenge, wherein fans are encouraged to design “power” themed t-shirts. The deets break down like this:

“Starting Wednesday, February 1, fans can submit designs for the “POWER” challenge until February 28th at masscanvas.com. ALL entries will be featured on masscanvas.com, Entrants and fans can comment on designs throughout the challenge and VOTE for the top 20 designs. On March 22, Pete Wentz will choose 5 winning tees (each receiving a $1,000 cash prize), from the top 20, which he feels best represent the theme. The 5 winning tees will be printed in limited quantity, individually hand-numbered, and sold in support of the charitable cause.”

No one’s gonna frown at a chance to take home a grand, but c’mon, this is really about the fact that a portion of the proceeds from the winning shirts will go to Invisible Children, an organization that fights to end the use of child soldiers in Africa. So get out your newest copy of MS paint, and go to town. Still need inspiration? Check out this promo video with Wentz himself.

Speaking of Pete Wentz, he also dropped by the video shoot for Dani’s new rager, “Diplo Hates You,” which went down last week in beautiful Santa Monica. It’s sure to be just as rockin as the track itself, and even included the man of the hour himself:

In the annals of “shots hear round the world,” this very short interview with Carl Cox has been making a huge clamor in the dubstep world, simply for Carl saying, “I was playing dubstep three years before anyone even decided to call it dubstep.” Plenty of people have been making stout retorts to this claim, even legendary dubstep producers such as Skream have chimed in:
“I would genuinely like to know what pre dubstep tracks Carl Cox was playing”
In fact, even the comments to Skream’s reply, on Facebook, have turned into a heated debate.

Of course, what with the superbowl (I’m not even sure I fully understand what that is) going down yesterday and all, we couldn’t let this alert go by without mentioning another insanity inducing halftime show. This years great American spectacle was led by the our eternal queen of music, Madonna. Overall it was a new level of epic proportions (like Michael Jackson performing in Europe epic), and had a flood noteworthy names in the court such as Kelly Clarkson, MIA, LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, Cee Lo Green, and more. MTV news has just done a short recap of the reviews.

Finally, with some good news for all of us, Billboard recently ran a cover story decrying the rise and domination of EDM in the general music world. Featuring Diplo, Skrillex, and A-trak, the article goes on to explain how DJ culture has gone on to not only take over the dominant music culture, but has also cut across a variety of other social cultures throughout the globe. Best quote of the piece? “I know one thing — the major labels, the A&Rs, are very frightened now,” says Diplo, born Wesley Pentz. “They see that things are in our hands in a lot of ways.” Check out the rest, and peep the video supplement as well.

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