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written on March 14, 2012 by admin

Welcome to the first of many Humpday Helper spotlight posts on dandeahl.com’s own bloggerati. (Note, “many” here equals the number of writers we have). Periodically, I’ll be posting mixes crafted by the hands that toil away across the words of this very site (including, at some point, my own, so start listening to rinse.fm during off hours now, to prepare). To kick things off, we thought we’d toss you a little love from JLR.

In case you haven’t been keeping up, JLR had his ET moment with the DJ world probably before most of our readers were born, and has been a slave to the rhythm ever since. With such a knowledgeable legacy, JLR has honed his skills to float effortlessly through his candy stash favorites of ghetto tech, house, electro, and similar ilk. This flow has lead him shoulder to shoulder amongst many a noteworthy name and event. All of which caries us to JLR’s mix at hand.

When partnered up with fellow beat master Mitch Rising, the two comprise the funked-out, ghetto tech, house and techno entity of B-Team, who recently knocked out a solid mix for Repercussions Radio. By now you should already know that this is a solid hour of four on the floor deep and heady goodness. Kicking things off with a little walk through samples of real instrumentation, B-Team let’s the house beats slowly rise, swell, and break into a swirling eddy of low down goodness. This interplay carries the through line of the rest of mix, with smokey vocals, and snippets of live percussion weaving through the reverberations of a house head’s wet dreams. One thing is for certain, if JLR and Mitch Rising’s skilled artisanary don’t keep your feet dancing for the entirety of this mix, you might want to check your pulse. And at the very least it magnifies our pride in having him on board. Do give a listen, won’t you?
B-TEAM Guest Mix for Repercussions Radio March 2012

Tracklist (2nd Hour)

1 – Channel X – Steamboat Willie
2 – David Berrie – Kids
3 – Alex Tepper – In, Out, Life
4 – Santos – Newyorkese (Alex Tepper Remix)
5 – Price Club, Poupon – Platinum
6 – Kenny Ground – Groove On
7 – Stefano Noferini – Buhstyle
8 – Todd Terry, Sound Design – Bounce To The Beat (Prok & Fitch School of Todd Remix)
9 – Loko – Superhero
10 – Ted Nilsson – Runway (Sonny Wharton Remix)
11 – Bart Skills – Hold Your Horses
12 – Wally Lopez, Tocadisco – Malditos Meteoritos
13 – Falko Niestolik, Roter & Lewis – That Sound (Miguel Picaso Remix)
14 – Surrealism – On The Run
15 – Giom & Joshua Heath – Mister Marvellous

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