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written on December 1, 2011 by admin

Hey all! JUICY tunes for you tonight! A short intro for you this time…I’m actually just about to head out the door to secure the bacon donation for next week’s “Braids & Bacon” here in Chicago. Yeah, you heard right. Come on, who else could you possibly ask to headline a bacon-themed event?? If you’re not able to make that event, I’m also headlining Board Room in Chicago on the 10th and have upcoming dates in Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Aspen and more – so always make sure you’re keeping up to date either here on the website, or at my Facebook fan page. I’ll see you all shortly…the allure of bacon is calling. There might be some pics later…so maybe you should go ahead and subscribe to my Instagram as well (user name danideahl). Ciao! Or in this case, chow!

A Lights remix was recently featured here and it looks like we now have a second one, courtesy of Gottfried Beyer. The Dublin-based producer’s version of “Toes” brings the feel of the track to nu-disco level and I love what it achieves. Lending a more soulful backdrop lends more weight to the lyrics. I feel like I’m actually listening more, versus when I have the original playing. Gottfried’s remix is part of a competition that’s currently going on, so if you enjoy the below, you can give him some love here: http://www.indabamusic.com/opportunities/lights-toes-remix-contest/submissions/82463.

Lights – Toes (Gottfried Beyer Remix)

Ok, imagine Animal from The Muppets yelling “DRUUUUUMS”, but replace it with “MOOOOMBAH”. That’s how I feel about this remix of Steve Angello’s “Knas” by the Stereothieves. I’ve heard moombahton remixes of “Knas” before, but in my opinion, this is really the first successful one. The problem with slowing down a lot of these electro tunes to moombah tempos is that the time stretching can not only cause distortion in the sounds, some of these songs just sound plain stupid when slowed down. The Stereothieves avoided all such pitfall, churning out this hype mix that has a personality all it’s own, while still incorporating the juicy bits of “Knas.”

Steve Angello – Knas (Stereothieves Moombahknas Boot)

Admittedly, I saw that there was a dubstep remix of the Red Hot Chili Peppers sitting in the inbox and I sighed, thinking it was going to be yet another disappointing attempt by someone throwing together two pieces of popular music in hopes of nabbing some blog space. Well, don’t I feel like an ass. Psymbionic‘s dub-tastic version of RHCP’s “Give It Away” is done really well, not overdone and sounds oh so crisp and clean. If you really don’t want the vocals, bing!! There’s an instrumental version as well.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away (Psymbionic Remix Instrumental)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away (Psymbionic Remix)

Well, The Chaotic Good‘s remix of Skrillex’s “With Your Friends” is rather timely. If you haven’t checked out the Grammy nods that were recently released – Skrillex has FIVE nominations. TCG takes one of Skrillex’s lighter tunes and grinds the eff out of it, with a synth that has a whining, scratchy quality, almost like a violin bow meets chalkboard. But I mean that in a good way. Add some wubby bass that never lets up and a little of those more lighthearted bits from the original and you’ve got a mean-ass remix.

Skrillex – With Your Friends (The Chaotic Good Remix)

Thank god DJ Enferno saved “I’m So Gone” – a Mickey Mouse tune that sounds like pre-teens imitating a mash of Kesha with LMFAO. Enferno takes the lackluster song and actually gives it some backbone. The vocals are only featured on the breakdowns and are spiced up with some effected stabs, that then roll into booming electro leads. Please, just for giggles, take a listen to the original, here. Can’t believe they play this shit on the radio. I’m going to make a song with lyrics like “I can pee so bad I can almost taste it” – then maybe I’ll finally get some credibility.

DJ E-Rock pres. Enzyme Dynamite feat. Mousie Monroe – I’m So Gone (DJ Enferno Remix)

Phantim is a hit or miss artist for me. I do listen to everything he sends though, because when he’s on point, it’s the musical equivalent to winning in Vegas. I think a lot of us will remember his mashup of Diplo and Laidback Luke’s “Hey” with Dennis Ferrer’s “Hey Hey”. Fucking magical – that mashup skyrocketed into infamy. I don’t know that his latest endeavor of matching Jay-Z’s “Song Cry” with Rene Kuppens, but it’s definitely damn good. The “Song Cry” piano stabs compliment quite well and love the breakdown that allows people to jam out to the original for a hot second. Granted, the transitions into and out of that break are not the smoothest, but it works.

Jay-Z vs. Rene Kuppens – Song Cry (Phantim Mashup)

Sometimes I get sent songs to post but there’s no info on the artist attached (ARGH). Though I couldn’t find a Facebook page for the remixer, Alvin Doe, I did find a Soundcloud for this Stockholm native. Alvin’s reboot of Alesso’s “Raise Your Head” actually combines Alesso with a dash of Calvin Harris, and cobbles together an entire track from the bits and pieces lying around the internetz. Nicely done.

Alesso – Raise Your Head (Alvin Doe Reboot)

Bonus ish:

Flo Rida feat. Akon – Who Dat Girl (SmarterChild Remix)

Kelly Rowland – Down for Whatever (Ranny’s Bootleg Mix)

Skrillex & Dada Life & Felguk & Daft Punk & Flux Pavilion & Menace to Sobriety – Unleash The Scary Bass Side Better (Dublic MegaMash)

Alex McGhee – Move For Me In Overdrive (Kaskade vs. Deadmau5 vs. Tristan Garner vs. Blacklights)

David Guetta feat. Sia – Titanium (Mickey Fortune Alesso vs. Nicky Romero Edit)



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