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written on April 26, 2012 by admin

This has been a really special week for me – I was able to finally release the teaser for my new track, “Pocket Porn” which comes out in June on Royal One Records! We have tons of remixes, featuring J-Trick, Jay Robinson, DSKOTEK, Will Bailey and Darth & Vader! BTW, it’s named “Pocket Porn” ┬ábecause that’s the nickname we have for a friend of mine who is a petite sexpot. It’s kind of evolved to be a term for any short, hot girl, but my girl Syl is still the OG pocket porn. Although I can’t let you listen to the whole track just yet, I do have a little teaser for you…I hope you all enjoy it!!

DiscoTech knocked it out of the park with this disco-y remix of The Knocks‘ “Brightside.” Taking the original and reworking it in a parallel direction, it’s blissful with a walking bassline, watery keys and lighthearted melodies. It just makes you want to hug someone. Side note, as I started playing this the clouds literally parted for the first time today and my office is now hella sunny. Yeah, it’s that kind of track.

Don Diablo is giving out remixes of his newest track “Silent Shadows,” and damn, do I love him for that. The Drive-by Disco mix is mindblowing – complextro madness that changes the game constantly as it progresses, settling into a groove only to make room for the vocal. It’s perfectly balanced ADD – here’s an instance where a little more focus would simply ruin everything.

Vegas based Stellar and Von Ukuf have tackled the song that everyone’s put their touch on – Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know.” Their version is big-room worthy with a sweet piano-laden breakdown and raging synths. There are a couple of sounds I think are misplaced – a small repeated blip, for example, and the vocal is slightly drowned out when everything kicks in, but it still is guaranteed to get those glowsticks up. ┬áPersonally my favorite part is midway through, between the two breakdowns – love that groove with the vocal on top.

Cut and Slice is giving away tune “Sophie’s Night Out” and….wow. The precise, tight editing on this track is enviable, and even though it’s absolute madness, the melodic elements are still king – it’s like a graceful seizure. A warped snippet of a female vocal adds additional warmth to the tune and trust me, once you press play, you’ll snap out of it at the end wondering what happened to the last eight minutes of your life.

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