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written on July 29, 2011 by admin

Hello all! I’m so nervous and excited as two large events loom on the horizon for me – the Lolla Remix Throwdown this Saturday and my set at Lollapalooza next Friday! It’s actually a good thing I was out of town last weekend in Minneapolis – I took a couple extra days just to meet up with friends and it gave me the ‘ahhhhh’ moment of decompression I needed before coming back home. Speaking of Minneapolis, I was there to play the twice yearly epic madhouse that is Bassgasm. I say epic because they have a 25 foot tall circle of speakers that DJs play inside of that’s nicknamed “basshenge”. Basshenge. The night was killer and I surprised myself by actually getting up early-ish the next day to have brunch with Klever and a few friends. Brunch was followed by a bbq and beer pong, which was followed by blissful sleep. The next day, brunch again, rooftop party aaaand then I showed them the fun you can have with a bottle of champagne as we closed it out at Soundbar.

Now that I’ve been back in town for a couple days, it’s full steam ahead as we prep for the LOLLA REMIX FINALS this Saturday night at Double Door in Chicago! There’s really no way I can make this sound like a bad idea… it’s 1) free 2) with Walter Meego, Moneypenny, Hollywood Holt, Craig Williams + our finalists and 3) if you RSVP for the event on do312.com you’re entered to win a pair of passes to Lollapalooza! If you forgot how amazeballs last year’s event was, check out the video HERE.

Lastly…(forgive me for virtually chatting your ears off this week)…I’ve been working so hard on my Lollapalooza set and rehearsals (check a video HERE) and I have a BRAND NEW MIX for you – my latest from Ghetto House Radio!!

I can now officially not get shit for playing Avicii’s “Levels”, thanks to Clockwork. His version keeps that original, epic first break but then slams into thumping kicks before taking you on a ride into dark synths that let trickles of the lighter, original hook pop through.

Avicii – Levels (Clockwork Remix)

Bad Boy Bill‘s new track “The Massive” is, well…massive. Chest pounding drums and sharp claps chug the track along with arpeggiated notes that wind up being a bed for a delightfully dirty synth. This bootleg of the original he sent over features Waka Flocka’s “No Hands” vocals on top.

Bad Boy Bill vs. Waka Flocka – The Massive / No Hands (Bootleg Mashup)

Barletta needs to come stateside, pure and simple. “Suspended”, a new original, is fantastic, from a technical standpoint – crisp, loud mastering – and a musical standpoint – commanding and aggressive melodies that at once invoke emotive melody and face-melting ravey-ness. One of his best yet.

Barletta – Suspended (Fire Alarm)

Nick Svenson is quickly becoming one of my favorites…and yes it’s because he’s playing teacher’s pet. The below bootlegs from him are the virtual shined apple, all seamlessly pieced together into epic dance floor smashers. Of particular favorite – the Martin Solveig and Bassjackers combo as well as the Duck Sauce vs. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike edit…when that sucker flips at 3:10, guaranteed someone’s getting stupid and throwing cocktail napkins.

Alesso vs. Calvin Harris vs. Garner & Klosman – Dynamite Awooga Bounce (Nick Svenson Bootleg)

Duck Sauce vs. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Generation Streisand (Nick Svenson Bootleg)

Martin Solveig vs. Bassjackers – Hello Mush Mush (Nick Svenson Bootleg)

Martin Solveig vs. U2 – Ready 2 New Year (Nick Svenson Bootleg)

Swedish House Mafia vs. Tim Mason – One Moment (Romain G vs. Nick Svenson Bootleg)

Wolfgang Gartner vs. Swanky Tunes – Space House (Nick Svenson Bootleg)

Craig Williams won last year’s Lolla Remix Throwdown and is actually playing at our finals this Saturday. One listen to his production below and you’ll understand why he was awarded the accolade. This buttery remix of James Blake’s “Limit To Your Love” features sultry percussion and a generous heaping of organic instrumentation…worth noting is the way the piano is used throughout – emotional and poignant.

James Blake – Limit To Your Love (Craig Williams Remix)

Two remixes from The Deficient – of Laidback Luke’s “Timebomb” and PeaceTreaty’s “Change”. With each, a distinctly different tone is lent. PeaceTreaty’s track is diverted from techno into a more electro arena while Laidback Luke is taken into a fanatical Dutchy realm that changes direction midway through.

Laidback Luke (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) – Timebomb (The Deficient Remix)

PeaceTreaty – Change (The Deficient Remix)

Kids At The Bar take the dulcet tones of Madison’s “Hot Hot Love” and infect them here with alternations of thick, rolling electro-ness and a slightly less intense brush stroke of staccato notes. The base of the track – the kick, snare, a bell – are a little unrefined in the remix for my taste, seeming to sit just outside enough of everything that they become too visible. Aside from that, this lives up to the Hot Hot namesake.

Madison – Hot Hot Love (Kids At The Bar Remix)

The punchy programming ReepR is known for that has shone through in his previous tracks, such as a remix of Alex Peace’s “Dance Rock Shake Pop”, make him a prime candidate for getting into Moombahton. He must be happier than a pig in you know what now that he can get his hands dirty in the genre. Tribal drums, a sexy looped vocal and sliding, bleepy synths make me think he should be doing a lot more in this arena.

ReepR – Loca Hype (Moombahton Mix)

I’ve been kind of meh with Trash Yourself lately…not swayed one way or another with some of their recent tracks. The newest, “Ready to Explode” is telling, even in the title. A dramatic, slightly slower paced tune, “Ready to Explode” feels as if the first half is one gigantic prep for the buzzy breakdown around the three minute mark. A countdown ensues that winds up being slightly anti-climactic in its use, but is saved with additional vocals directly after.

Trash Yourself – Ready to Explode

Bonus tracks:

The Count & Sinden – After Dark (Krystal Klear Remix)

DJ Red – Bass Line (DJ 0045 Remix – 2011 Edit)

DJ Millertime – Jump to the Bangduck Pressure

Miles Dyson – I-tune (Miles Dyson vs. Dublic Edit)

PeaceTreaty – Cal State Anthem (Cold Blank Remix – Dublic Remix)

Afrojack – Selecta (DSD Remix)




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